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Guaranteed low cost on all condo inspections

Looking to buy a condo in the Greater Youngstown area? I offer top quality, certified condo inspections at the guaranteed lowest price in the area! While some condos are part of an HOA (aka Home Owner’s Association), the typical HOA agreement only covers repairs to the common and exterior areas of the entire structure. Items on the the interior such as wiring, structural defects and plumbing issues are the responsibility of YOU as the homeowner! In addition to reading your HOA agreement thoroughly, the best way to protect your investment is to have your condo inspected by a certified third party.

Why HOA Condo Inspections are often insufficient

When purchasing a condo it is not uncommon for the condo’s HOA to perform an “inspection” with you. Unfortunately a lot of times these inspections are simply a walk-through and not an actual INSPECTION. The HOA inspection will typically only ¬†focus on the items that are maintained by the HOA such as the building’s exterior, common areas, stairwells etc. ¬†What they won’t tell you is what defects may exist that YOU are responsible for such as the furnace, insufficient insulation or faulty wiring. Remember, the HOA representative is trying to SELL you a home, so it is in their best interest to do the bare minimum during their inspections!

How my condo inspections SAVE you in the long run

I treat a condo inspection with the same professional courtesy as any other type of home inspection. It is my belief that just because your desired home shares a common roof with your neighbors, it doesn’t deserve to be handled any differently. In fact I believe quite the opposite is true. Many people have a false sense of security because they feel the existence of an HOA makes all their problems disappear. Please understand that it is not my intention to dismiss the value of an HOA….they can be a great resource! I just feel it is my responsibility to protect ALL of my clients regardless of the circumstances.

Each condo inspection that I perform follows the same InterNACHI Standards of Practice that I guarantee in all of my other residential home inspections. The cost of this inspection often pays for itself many times over. As a result of my inspections you may get an opportunity to negotiate the sales price down. At the very least you will have the assurance that you are making you buying decision based on all the facts about the home. Below are the highlights of what is included in my typical condo inspection:

  • Exterior inspection (to verify HOA base inspection)
  • Electrical wiring in your unit
  • Plumbing in your unit
  • Furnace and visible ductwork in your unit
  • Visible structural areas of your unit including foundation

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"Perry Anderson Home Inspection is the BEST. He inspected 2 homes that we were looking at buying. He is very thorough. He had nothing but our best interest in mind. He points out not only the obvious problems but also the potential problems that he foresees could be a big unexpected expense down the road to the home buyer. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Perry Anderson Home Inspections. I would have no other home inspector!"

"The most professional inspection on a home you could ask for. The report Perry sent was awesome and he spotted items the average home inspector would have missed. I would highly recommend his services."

"Excellent service. I'd use Anderson Home Inspection in the future and refer him to others!"

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