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pre listing inspection always benefits the seller

Are you selling a home? If so, a pre listing inspection can help you be better prepared to give the most from your home. This type of home inspection is the same inspection performed by the buyer, but happens before you place your home on the market. All major systems are inspected, including the roofing, home exterior, mechanical systems and structural components. Safety issues are also addressed, which are of major concern for many home buyers utilizing an FHA Loan.


How does a pre listing inspection benefit the Seller?

A well known fact of the real estate world is that a home inspection has the ability to make or break a home sale. Often times the inspection is required by the bank underwriting the loan, and isn’t performed until AFTER the potential buyer makes their offer. It is not uncommon for a home to have issues that the seller either isn’t aware of, or have lived with so long that they have become blind to them!

“The buyer has the upper hand when they have an inspection. If you are willing to do it ahead of time, you give the control back to the seller.” — Jessica Edwards, Coldwell Banker consumer specialist and real estate professional

Sellers who perform their own inspection can easily identify defects in the home that would have given the buyer the upper hand during the negotiation process. If your home needs work, it is often less expensive for you as a seller to make the repair. Not only does it give you time to shop for the most cost effective solution, but it prevents buyers from over inflating their estimates in an effort to reduce the amount of the sale!

Protect your own interests by having a pre listing inspection performed today!

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"Perry Anderson Home Inspection is the BEST. He inspected 2 homes that we were looking at buying. He is very thorough. He had nothing but our best interest in mind. He points out not only the obvious problems but also the potential problems that he foresees could be a big unexpected expense down the road to the home buyer. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Perry Anderson Home Inspections. I would have no other home inspector!"

"The most professional inspection on a home you could ask for. The report Perry sent was awesome and he spotted items the average home inspector would have missed. I would highly recommend his services."

"Excellent service. I'd use Anderson Home Inspection in the future and refer him to others!"

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